Our custom clearance services are highly sought after. Having in-depth knowledge of custom tariff, acts & procedures enables strong logistics support and our adroit team of professionals always provide Starco with cost-effective and on-time performance while always being customer focused as well as providing a professional approach.

In custom’s clearance we move along with a dignified checklist that includes

  • Keeping our customers aware on the pre-requisites.
  • To find out the information before-hand as it is the key to avoid any disadvantage during the custom’s clearance.
  • The identification of the goods declaration in customs as it is very important part of the whole procedure. Once declared it cannot be changed.
  • HS Code identification of an item.

Our job is to create the awareness for the customer and act as their logistics advisers.

We have declared and passed many shipments in ‘Pakistan Customs’ and we hold a very strong reputation under our ‘License no. 2640 by the name of ‘World Ocean Centre’. Experience in the systems like WEBOC and modern declaration concepts abiding with customs tariff and trade controls embossed by the Govt. of Pakistan.

Our role as Custom Clearing Agent in CPEC:

From the year 2015, we have been providing our services to companies in energy projects, developmental projects and other special projects in China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Identifying exemptions in duties and benefits on import of temporary items.

Consultancy Services for importers and exporters:

Consultancy of all custom laws, related to Customs Act 1969 and latest, updated Customs Tariff.

Custom Duty and Tax Guarantees:

In matters related to custom duty and tax guarantees provided by bank or any third party, we provide the basic format for terms and conditions.

Are you a new trader, project development company or a sister concern of an international company based in Pakistan?

We can assist you if you need,

Raw material for starting a project

Consultancy for formation of your company

Registration of:  National Tax Certificate

                                  Sales Tax Certificate

                                  Chamber of Commerce Certificate

And all other kinds of assistance to become an importer/ exporter in Pakistan.

Having trouble due to unintentional misdeclaration?

We can provide solutions in cases that arise due to unintentional misdeclaration. Due to our expertise and good relationship with customs authorities, we can find a viable solution for  your needs.

Looking for complete logistics solution?

We provide complete logistics solutions, starting from the initial supplier to their ultimate customer using our freight forwarding network associates globally.

Who we are working with?

We are working with many Chinese companies in Pakistan that work as project contractors, their suppliers and the suppliers of their suppliers.