What kind of freight services we offer?

Starco always perform strives to perform its best to the expectations of all our customers may it be any kind of services like,



FCL containers (20’, 40’, general purpose, flat racks, open tops, reefers and tank containers)

What are our expertise?

In containerized work, our expertise lies mostly in flat racks, open tops, and moving special equipment.

Our team faces the challenges related to shipping lines, container terminals, CFS terminals, ICD terminals, arrangement of handling equipment, lashings, securing, dunnage, arrangement of surveys, movement of bonded cargo under customs escort, quite efficiently.

How Starco works?

We have special freight contracts with shipping lines and NVOCCs, in export for various destinations. We appreciate and work with those freight forwarders who have special freight contracts with Pakistan. We cap the costs and price to secure our customers from being over charged, keeping full control over the origin and destination charges.

As a freight forwarding partner, we offer door deliveries be it DDU or DDP, to our customers, providing them the full package starting from the destination port to the delivery point. It includes picking up the delivery order, custom clearance, and transportation, off loading / destuffing at the final delivery point to the receiver, providing a proof of delivery, signed by the receiver.

We also provide export services t our freight forwarding partners. As per our knowledge, 95% of the export shipments are on FOB basis, which means that this percentage of the cargo is materialized at the destination port and it is divided by the consignee, who is available to our international freight forwarding partner. The freight forwarder develops business with the consignee and nominates us to perform ex-works or any other kind of services. Mostly we are picking up the cargo from the shippers warehouse, performing the trucking, custom clearance and booking the container on our special contractual rates, using reliable shipping lines.

We provide or House B/L nominating our international partner who have secured the shipment.

What is our strategy to develop new business?

In order to develop your business from Pakistan, we have a sales lead program, in which we keep close coordination with our international forwarding partner and give our input of all the information while targeting a particular customer. Even though that customer may have an indirect involvement in a shipment as the actual decision maker is at the opposite end but the info we gather by visiting the customer on our side and merging it with the customs manifested database, we provide a very colourful report which results in materializing with the actual customer at your end. This program has been a ver healthy one and helps us to seek and identify new potential customers on daily basis. It gives us an inside info of the market trends in the shipping industry. You can apply to participate in our sales lead program by sending us your brief introduction on our email address sales@starcomarine.com