If low costs matter for your shipment, try our sea freight services. When costs are your primary concern or time is not a factor and your shipments are large and heavy you will benefit from our sea freight services. We ship significant volumes every year, which enables us to offer you capacity, frequent departures and competitive rates. We also offer a vast choice of destinations from Pakistan to every major port in the world to accommodate your needs.

Delivery to your doorstep

Our employees are ready to guide you through the complex port layouts, regulations and cultural norms to ship your cargo from port to port. And if you want pickup or delivery to your doorstep, we can handle that too. We will combine our sea freight services with our air, rail, truck and barge solutions to match your requirements and transit times.

Your type of cargo

Whether you have plain standard freight, cargoes needing special equipment, of HAZMAT nature, or you need us to handle your buyer’s consolidation services, our network is there to support you.

Here are some of the sea freight services that we offer:

  • Full Container Load
  • Less than Container Load
  • Non-Containerized Load
  • Buyer’s Consolidation services

FCL & LCL Services

Let Starco Marine Services create the very best FCL solutions for you across a wide range of products including: consumer goods, electronics, retailing, fashion, food & beverage, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, healthcare items, plus automotive, industrial and chemical shipments. We are blessed with an experienced team of experts who specialize in procurement, planning and customer service. This allows us to create uniquely customized solutions for all your needs while efficiently managing your cargo space requirements especially during critical peak seasons. We put our strong relationship with global and regional shipping lines to work for you to create the optimal service solution for all your FCL shipments.

Starco Marine Services can consolidate your goods to help reduce total transportation costs while ensuring that your cargo is handled with the utmost care and attention until it reaches its destination on time. Our comprehensive control, visibility and flexible routing options also create the perfect solution for global shipping service aimed at smaller LCL shipments.