Project Cargo

Starco Marine is experienced in moving and handling project cargo up to their customer’s standards since the time it was initiated. We have successfully completed difficult and challenging project shipments which were breakbulk, roro and heavy lift.

It is to be noted that quality and compliance is something that is taken very seriously at Starco Marine. Yes, power beyond cargo.

Chartering Desk

Our job is to look after overall project movement and perform smartly and effectively. We have a chartering desk which can help you find the best rates on any sector of the world in liner and tramper vessels specialized to carry heavy lift up to 500 MT or project cargoes like break-bulk and roro machinery being import, export or re-export from Pakistan.

Furthermore offering break-bulk chartering services on ports in Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe and US Gulf coast. We can also assist with other useful vessel and ports information along with chartering terms and conditions for moving your cargo as break-bulk, project, general and roro cargoes. This chartering desk is useful to those who are trading in bulk commodities or high and heavy machinery

Ship Agency Services

We provide efficient ship agency that includes husbandry and different operational services in the ports of Pakistan, managing contractual agreements, along with full agency services for your vessels. Our vessels are consistent, secure and reliable, always handled according to our standards of operation and specific requirements of our customers are simultaneously considered.

Ocean Freight


Here at Starco Marine we create the very best FCL solutions for you across a wide range of products including: consumer goods, electronics, retailing, fashion, food & beverage, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, healthcare items, plus automotive, industrial and chemical shipments.

We excel in creating uniquely customized solutions for all your needs while efficiently managing your cargo requirements especially during critical peak seasons.


Starco Marine can consolidate your goods to help reduce total transportation costs while ensuring that your LCL cargo is handled with the utmost care and attention until it reaches its destination on time.

Custom Clearance:

Our custom clearance services are highly sought after. Having in-depth knowledge of custom tariff, acts & procedures enables strong logistics support and our adroit team of professionals always provide Starco with cost-effective and on-time performance while always being customer focused as well as providing a professional approach.

In custom’s clearance we move along with a dignified checklist and keep our customers aware on the pre-requisites, to find out the information before-hand is the key to avoid any disadvantage during the custom’s clearance. The Identification of the goods declaration in customs is a very important part of the whole procedure. Once declared it cannot be changed. Our job is to create the awareness for the customer and act as their logistics advisers.

We have declared and passed many shipments in ‘Pakistan Customs’ and we hold a very strong reputation under our ‘License no. 2640 by the name of ‘World Ocean Centre’. Experience in the systems like WEBOC and modern declaration concepts abiding with customs tariff and trade controls embossed by the Govt. of Pakistan.

Road Transportation:

Starco Marine focuses on road transportation within Pakistan. Our local Customers are commercial providers with tight timing limitations where the next process often depends on getting delivery of products. With Karachi port acting as the hub of transportation activities within Pakistan or land locked regions, we offer economical solutions through diversified fleet consisting of delivery vans and trucks, flat-beds, low-beds, and prime movers. Our trucking network connects all four provinces round the clock.

We offer:

  • Local distribution from warehouses.
  • LTL and FTL services.
  • Express time definite service.
  • Economy and cost efficiency.
  • End-to-end land transport solutions.

From Northern to Southern and from Eastern to Western Pakistan, our trucking network connects all four provinces round the clock, no matters whether day or night, wind or storms, what is the weight or size our road freight keeps on moving to deliver goods on time to end users, this makes us more higher among the other trucking networks,

With strong Network of Pakistan Railways we are able to move our shipments very easily across the country. Pak Railways is one integrated solution of all inland transportation for priority goods.

Air Freight:

We provide expert international air freight forwarding services to large and small companies. Starco transforms into an integral part of the clients export department, offering tailored air freight logistic solutions which touch the highest standards and quality for a wide variety of cargo. Our services our well equipped with the latest software and our workers assure that shipments are handled with the optimal care that they need. No place is off limits.


Safe and secure warehousing facility to store client’s precious cargo, safe from any sort of danger or harm. In addition, we offer value-added services which may include re-packing, transfer, survey, shifting of goods etc.

Supply Chain Management:

This chain is professionally handled at Starco, saving on the customer’s cost and time with our dedicated personnel always reporting structure on inventories and other information. This service includes a third party logistics and warehousing who provides vital services to the customer supply chain.