We provide efficient ship agency in the ports of Pakistan, stevedoring services, managing contractual agreements, along with full agency services for your vessels, like: (to be added)

Our vessels are consistent, secure and reliable, always handled according to our standards of operation and specific requirements of our customers are simultaneously considered.

We provide PDA (Performa Disbursement Account) for your vessels calling in at any port of Pakistan with the best estimate and the most competitive rates.

Ship Agency Services on Barges:

We provide Ship Agency services to companies involved in the development and construction of jetties, terminals, ports and harbors in Pakistan, using engineering boats, cargo barges, anchor boats, crane barges, submersible barges, dredgers and many kinds of floating equipment. We have project wise contracts that mostly renew on starting of a new project.

We provide supply provisions, labour, crew, maps, daily movement statistics, and weather reports.

Starco also conducts surveys, to keep our information and research updated.

We also deal with the port authorities’ immigration, custom authorities, naval security agencies and assist customers in acquiring special permissions for construction purposes, that needs effective coordination with the port authorities like harbor master, dock master, pilots and radio officers. This construction work maybe within the inward or outward channel of the port.