In Pakistan, trucking is the most common mode of transport for inland destinations. That is why, Starco Marine focuses on road transportation within Pakistan. Our local Customers are commercial providers with tight timing limitations where the next process often depends on delivery of products.

With Karachi Port acting as the hub of significant transportation activities within Pakistan or land locked regions, we offer economical solutions through a diversified fleet consisting of delivery vans, straight trucks with flat-beds or steel bodies for carrying loose cargo like boxes, and refrigerated trucks.

We arrange trailers with prime movers. In Pakistan, a wide variety of trailers are available like high-bed (40 and 60 feet), used best for carrying commodities in bulk. Skeleton trailers with capacity of carrying 40 feet and two 20 feet containers easily with safety hooking points.

For special equipment, we have heavy lift trailers like low-bed, drop-bed and double drop-bed trailers. They are available in a limited capacity. Semi trailers, multi axle trailers and dollies are the options of extensions. Also low-bed trailers having RORO ramps, center beams and other conventional attachments for special cargoes are also available.

We provide tracking services for our cargo, using GSM facility.

We maintain our schedules and keep our customers informed about the arrival times at destination, stoppages and breakdowns through our online system.

We also provide road surveys for over-sized, over-weight, over-height, over-width and over-dimensional cargoes, maintaining a record starting from the port to the inland destination, keeping the center of gravity, lifting points, technical drawings for safe handling of high and heavy equipment.

Starco manages the trucking services through our valuable associates.

Our trucking network connects all four provinces round the clock.

We offer:

  • Local distribution from warehouses.
  • LTL and FTL services.
  • Express time definite service.
  • Economy and cost efficiency.
  • End-to-end land transport solutions.

From Northern to Southern and from Eastern to Western Pakistan, our trucking network connects all four provinces round the clock, no matters whether day or night, wind or storms, what is the weight or size our road freight keeps on moving to deliver goods on time to end users, this makes us a better choice among the other trucking networks.

With strong Network of Pakistan Railways we are able to move our shipments very easily across the country. Pak Railways is one integrated solution of all inland transportation for priority goods.